Sandra was introduced to the Callanetics Program after the birth of her second son in 1987. Callan Pinckney’s first book, 10 Years Younger in 10 Hours was life changing and she knew instinctively that she had found the exercise program that would restore her body to its youthful shape. Sandra studied each exercise in the book to master the tiny movements and to her delight she found that her body responded to the exercises beautifully and extremely quickly. She watched with pure amazement as her body became leaner, stronger, sculpted and with increased muscle tone. In 2001 Sandra flew to Chicago to certify as a Callanetics® Trainer. Over the following few months she made several trips to attend trainings and work alongside some of Callan’s most respected Instructors. She opened her Gold Coast Callanetics Studio in June 2001.

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  • Beginner's Workout

    Start with this video if you’ve never done a Callanetics Workout before, recovering from illness or injury or lacking energy. Advanced or intermediate students this is also a good one to do for the ‘return to baby’ to master relaxing in to position.

  • Body Beautiful

    Sandra Hanna presents this 40-minute routine designed to shape and tone your entire body, quickly and safely. Includes new spiralling and rotating movements to work the muscles even deeper.

  • Rehab: 1. Revive

    Lie down on your mat and enjoy being guided through each movement with the emphasis on paying attention to where you feel muscle tension. Each slow, mindful movement will gently reawaken your body. This is your opportunity to let go of any musculature stress. You’ll notice an immediate improvemen...

  • Rehab: 2. Restore

    Once you have gone through the process of Revive once or twice you are then ready for the next stage, Restore. You will be guided through a sculpting routine to strengthen and reshape your body to its previous youthful form.

  • Rehab: 3. Rebuild

    By now you’ll be living in a different body and you are ready to pick up the pace and increase your pulses and intensity of each sculpting exercise. The sculpting exercises can be performed two or three times a week depending on your fitness goals.

  • Daily Stretch

    The Callanetics Rehab 10-Minute Daily Stretch is designed to improve your general wellbeing in a short routine that can be practiced every day.

  • Quick Session #1

    This quick session with Sandra is perfect for when you are very short on time but still want to squeeze in some Callanetics. Includes exercises for the entire body in just over 10 minutes.

  • Quick Session #2

    A quick 10-minute session with Sandra to target the entire body. Great for when you are very short on time but don’t want to miss your Callanetics workout.

  • Sunrise Workout

    Good morning! The sun is up and it’s time for your morning Callanetics workout. A 30-minute session with Sandra to start the day feeling refreshed and energized.

  • Sunset Workout

    Good evening! This 40-minute workout with Sandra will leave you feeling relaxed and ready for a wonderful night’s sleep.

  • Lots of Leg

    Join Sandra for her ‘Lots of Legs’ workout. A full 45-minutes of Callanetics exercises that focus intensely on the legs.

  • Ab Blast

    A 50-minute full Callanetics class with Sandra. This routine works the entire body with an additional focus on flattening and toning the abs.

  • Lower Body Blast

    One-hour of Callanetics with Sandra. This full-body workout has an extra focus on sculpting and toning the lower body.

  • Catch-Up Workout

    Haven't exercised for a while? Join Sandra for a great 30-minute workout in her Gold Coast studio.

  • Solo Workout

    Your private session with Sandra where she will guide you through a full-body 50-minute Callanetics workout.

  • Mindful Workout

    A complete one-hour Callanetics workout with Sandra. By moving slowly and mindfully through the class you’ll get some insights into your body and learn something new about it.

  • Gentle Sculpting

    This workout is perfect for beginners. Move slowly and take all the stress out. This is a beautiful and gentle one-hour workout with Sandra. If you’re an experienced Callanetics exerciser this is a great routine for you too. Intensifications are shown for the more advanced student.

  • 20 Minutes with Sandra

    This 20-minute workout with Sandra is designed as a top-up to your regular Callanetics workout. Great for when you are short on time but still want to get a Callanetics session in. This is also the perfect routine to start with if you are new or returning to exercise and don’t yet feel ready for ...

  • 25 Minutes with Sandra

    A 25-minute top-up workout with Sandra. The perfect solution for when you are short on time or if you are gradually building up to a full-length Callanetics class.

  • 30 Minutes with Sandra

    Sandra’s 30-minute top-up class. Designed to be scattered during your week, these top-up workouts are great to keep your results and keep everything pulled in nice and toned.

  • 35 Minutes with Sandra

    A quick 35-minute full-body workout led by Sandra Hanna, featuring all the principal Callanetics moves. Perfect if you are short on time. Also great for beginners or if you are getting back into exercise after a break.

  • 40 Minutes with Sandra

    A full 40-minute Callanetics workout with Sandra to target the entire body. With lots of new and also familiar exercises to lift, tone and sculpt your muscles.

  • 45 Minutes #1 with Sandra

    Sandra leads this 45-minute full-body Callanetics workout from her Gold Coast studio. Includes variations for students who are beginners or who have never tried Callanetics before.

  • 45 Minutes #2 with Sandra

    A great 45-minute Callanetics workout with Sandra. Suitable for all levels, including beginners. With exercises for the whole body to leave you feeling wonderfully toned and lifted.