The originals

  • Callanetics - The Original!

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    Callan Pinckney, author of the revolutionary best-selling exercise book Callanetics (a perennial New York Times Best-Seller), personally demonstrates her innovative deep muscle exercise technique that can literally shed years off your figure in hours without putting pressure on your back.


  • Super Callanetics

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    Keep looking 10 years younger with the advanced version of the deep-muscle exercise that gives you a perfect figure - even faster! Callanetics was only the beginning. This supercharged follow-up to the original best-selling exercise video offers an advanced class in the revolutionary deep-muscle ...

  • Beginning Callanetics

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    Callan Pinckney, the creator of Callanetics, gives a full hour of clear, complete instructions on how to perform every movement in this 30-minute beginner's routine.

    Unlike other exercise programs that stress hard jerking motions, Beginning Callanetics is a safe, gentle, easy-to-learn routine d...

  • Quick Callanetics

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    Now you can re-shape your figure with no impact, completely safe exercises that won't stress your back or your schedule. Callanetics, by Callan Pinckney, is a series of small, gentle, precise motions consistently applied that activate your body's largest, most powerful muscles to quickly and dram...

  • AM/PM Callanetics

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    Presenting the Callanetics exercise video with morning and evening routines to sculpt and tone your entire body -without bending your schedule out of shape! Employing the precise, gentle movements of Callan Pinckney’s original, award winning Callanetics program of safe, no-impact deep-muscle exer...

  • The Secrets of Callanetics

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    Unlock the full potential of your Callanetics workout! Millions of people around the world have already discovered how Callan Pinckney's revolutionary, no-impact Callanetics routines can shed years off your figure - without the back-stressing, body-jarring motions of other workouts.

    Now, The Se...

  • Classic Callanetics

    Callan Pinkney, author of the best-selling exercise book Callanetics, personally demonstrates her innovative deep-muscle exercise technique. Featuring a complete 60-minute routine.

    Unlike other exercise programs that stress hard jerking motions. Callanetics is a series of small, gentle, precise ...

  • 25-Minute Maintenance

    Callan says: This is my answer to the time problems facing today's busy person. I first designed it for my students who travel and don't have time for one-hour workouts. Once students have completed a program of classes and have their bodies looking the way they want them to, they often adopt thi...

  • Step To It

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    Step To It is an audio program designed to make your walking program enjoyable and effective. Step To It offers encouragement and tips along with original music, which sets a pace you can follow through your warm-up, brisk walk and cool down. Step To It is not an instructional program. If you hav...

  • Soothing The Mind

    A 10-minute relaxation read by Callan Pinckney.

  • Energizing The Body

    A 10-minute relaxation read by Callan Pinckney.