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  • Legs - Quick Callanetics

    Do you wince at the phrases “thunder thighs” or “bird legs?” It’s time to do something about it. I’ve designed this routine to help you achieve beautiful, shapely legs, and inner thighs so tight they’re lethal! You’ll be amazed at how fast you can make this happen...

  • Lots of Leg

    Join Sandra for her ‘Lots of Legs’ workout. A full 45-minutes of Callanetics exercises that focus intensely on the legs.

  • All About Your Legs

  • LRC: Legs/Rear/Core

    This shape-up program gives you super-effective toning at its best. Hit those body parts you want defined, firm and red-carpet worthy to keep YOU body confident all year long!

  • Lower Body Express

    25 minutes of targeted exercises for the legs, hips and behind.

  • Below The Belt

    This quick 10-minute workout targets the thighs, hips and rear to deliver results below the belt.