Callanetics Rehab

Callanetics Rehab

Welcome to Callanetics Rehab. Join Sandra Hanna as she gently guides you through the process of restoring your body to its youthful shape. If you have never exercised before or if you are trying to get back into a regular routine, this is the video series for you.
Callan Pinckney created her original exercise program as a means of rehabilitating her injured body and to relieve pain. Callanetics Rehab takes inspiration from Callan’s own rehabilitation exercises. Consisting of 3 new, progressive workouts, this series can be used by everyone, whether you are just starting out, have recently recovered from injury, or you are a seasoned exerciser and need some muscle balancing and recovery. These gentle but effective programs can benefit you. Also includes a bonus 10-minute Daily Stretch.
Callanetics is a series of gentle but powerful exercises that incorporates stretching and micro movements called pulses. The pulsing action targets the deepest muscles creating a long, lean, toned and strong body without adding bulk. This no impact program is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Callanetics Rehab
  • Rehab: 1. Revive

    Lie down on your mat and enjoy being guided through each movement with the emphasis on paying attention to where you feel muscle tension. Each slow, mindful movement will gently reawaken your body. This is your opportunity to let go of any musculature stress. You’ll notice an immediate improvemen...

  • Rehab: 2. Restore

    Once you have gone through the process of Revive once or twice you are then ready for the next stage, Restore. You will be guided through a sculpting routine to strengthen and reshape your body to its previous youthful form.

  • Rehab: 3. Rebuild

    By now you’ll be living in a different body and you are ready to pick up the pace and increase your pulses and intensity of each sculpting exercise. The sculpting exercises can be performed two or three times a week depending on your fitness goals.

  • Daily Stretch

    The Callanetics Rehab 10-Minute Daily Stretch is designed to improve your general wellbeing in a short routine that can be practiced every day.