Although Callanetics has been around since the 1980’s, Adelaide had never heard of it until she was introduced to Sandra Hanna in 2008. Attending one of Sandra’s classes, Adelaide realised from the very first pulse this was going to work! It certainly did, and changed her body for the better more than she ever thought possible. Within about three classes of Callanetics Exercises there was a visible difference! Adelaide has two children, close in age and is two dress sizes smaller than when she graduated high school. It was not just the clothes size changing but the shape of her body that meant she just could not stop. This happened so quickly and she soon came to understand that this was pretty much going to take care of itself as long as she kept doing Callanetics. Adelaide’s attention then moved to the therapeutic benefits that the Callanetics Exercise Method had been delivering all along, without her even taking notice. An increase in strength, flexibility, energy and vitality are always hailed as just some of the therapeutic benefits of practicing Callanetics Exercises, and Adelaide’s results were no exception. Obsessively passionate about the astonishing results she was seeing in herself and others through the regular practice of Callanetics Exercises, Adelaide wanted to empower others by teaching the program. She certified as a Callanetics Instructor during her second pregnancy and opened her boutique studio on Tamborine Mountain, in Queenslands’ beautiful South East in September 2011.

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  • Beach Workout

    A complete 30-minute Callanetics workout led by Adelaide. Get inspired and uplifted by the stunning beach setting. Featuring lots of new moves alongside tried-and-tested favorites.

  • Flow Workout

    A flowing 40-minute Callanetics workout with Adelaide, designed to effectively shape and tone your entire body

  • Ab Focus

    Spend 40 minutes with Adelaide as she takes you through this ab-focused Callanetics workout.

  • Upper Body Focus

    A 50-minute intermediate/advanced Callanetics workout with Adelaide, focusing on the upper body.

  • 30 Minutes with Adelaide

    A 30-minute Callanetics workout with Adelaide that targets the entire body.

  • 35 Minutes with Adelaide

    It’s just you and Adelaide for this intimate 35-minute Callanetics workout.

  • 40 Minutes with Adelaide

    Join Adelaide and her students, Andrea and Julie for a comprehensive 40-minutes Callanetics workout.

  • One Hour with Adelaide

    Adelaide guides you through a full one-hour Callanetics workout. With plenty of detailed instructions, this routine will challenge your body with our highly effective Callanetics moves and concepts.

  • 70 Minutes with Adelaide

    Feel the connection between mind and body as Adelaide’s take you through this extended 70-minute Callanetics session.