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Super CALLANETICS Tutorial
This is not a workout. Use these detailed instruction with the full Super Callanetics video.

Super Callanetics. Keep looking 10 years younger with the advanced version of the deep-muscle exercise that gives you a perfect figure - even faster! Callanetics was only the beginning. This supercharged follow-up to the original best selling exercise video offers an advanced class in the revolutionary deep-muscle exercise technique which can make you look ten years younger in just 10 hours. Designed for those who have mastered the original program, Super Callanetics features Callanetics originator, Callan Pinckney, personally instructing viewers in new unique movements that challenge your body without stressing it. 

In this workout, just one advanced stomach or behind motion is equivalent to 20 motions from the original. Precise demonstrations of these new movements is followed by an entire uninterrupted class. So take the next step to a more perfect body with Super Callanetics.


It would be great if there was a way we could fast forward or rewind or skip like youtube videos

Benjamin Davis

You can! Just click on the blue bar that goes across the bottom of the screen. You can skip forwards and backwards as much as you want.

Callan Pinckney, creator of CALLANETICSĀ®, was raised in Savannah, Georgia. She trained in classical ballet for twelve years and studied other forms of dance, movement and exercise. She had to restore her own body to health when, after an eleven-year backpacking odyssey around the world, the rigours of travel, combined with a congenital back defect, led to physical collapse. On her return to the U.S. she experimented with various exercise techniques, using her early ballet training to develop the program which finally solved her physical problems. Callan taught her revolutionary exercise program from her New York apartment and had many famous and distinguished clients worldwide, all of whom testify that Callanetics is a unique, safe exercise system for transforming bodyshape.