CALLANETICS is a timeless technique with repeated proven results. Get into ‘The Zone’ with this brand-new DVD using Callanetics simple, yet focused exercises which have helped individuals successfully firm and re-shape their bodies for decades. Each ‘Zone’ targets a different part of your body. Our on-screen Pulse Meter keeps you on track. You don’t need more than 15 minutes to see your body transform in quick time. Includes 4 Individual 15-minute Programs. Do 1…2…3 or do all four for a full body 60 minute workout, you can self-select your programs and order! 

Program 1: Abs Plus - The best of Callanetics ab and core exercises, circuit style to give you a flatter midsection (Recommended equipment: Mat). 

Program 2: Hips & Rear - A series of powerfully effective exercises to round and shape these areas, using the now famous Callanetics ‘pulse’ to work deep and focused (recommended equipment: Mat). 

Program 3: Legs - Concentrated attention to shape, firm and define your thighs (Recommended equipment: Mat & Paper Plate). 

Program 4: Get Flexible! - A series of ‘feel good’ stretches to relieve tight muscles and have more joint mobility, to leave you feeling refreshed and ready for more Callanetics! (Recommended equipment: Mat).

Lacey Kondi

Lacey Kondi is the charismatic presenter of the brand new CALLANETICS® fitness DVD series. These new routines continue the legacy of one of the world’s most loved and successful fitness brands. Lacey brings a youthful and vibrant approach to the program as it gets introduced to a new generation. 

Lacey has been teaching Callanetics in Vancouver, Canada for the past 8 years. Her journey in fitness started in her teens. “I purchased a membership at the local recreational center and began taking classes for aerobics, step, boxercise, circuit and weight training. I was hooked!” she explains. “Over the next 6 months I gained such a passion for fitness that at the age of only 16 I became a BCRPA personal trainer and began working as a co-instructor for various fitness classes at the YMCA in Victoria.”

Following her graduation, Lacey wanted to see more of the world and set off on a journey that would take her across Europe and Australia. Upon her return to Canada she was eager to start teaching fitness again. “I wanted something different and more progressive than everyone else. That Christmas I was back at my parent’s house in Victoria talking to my mom, when she suggested an exercise that she used to do in the 80’s. She went into the basement and came back with a black and white paperback book: “Callanetics - 10 Years Younger in 10 Hours”. I started right there in the kitchen and within 5 minutes, I knew I had found my new passion.”