CALLANETICS Step To It - The Callanetics Walking Tape

Step To It is an audio program designed to make your walking program enjoyable and effective. Step To It offers encouragement and tips along with original music, which sets a pace you can follow through your warm-up, brisk walk and cool down. Step To It is not an instructional program. If you have any questions about how to create an effective walking program for yourself, there are many excellent books and articles that will guide you. Almost all of these emphasise the importance of stretching after your walk. The regular Callanetics exercise program includes excellent stretching exercises that can be done immediately after walking, while your muscles are still warm. If you are not used to doing any kind of cardiovascular exercise, we suggest you start slow and gradually build up your endurance. Too much too soon may cause you to burn out and give up on your program before really giving it a chance.

Callan Pinckney

Callan Pinckney, creator of CALLANETICSĀ®, was raised in Savannah, Georgia. She trained in classical ballet for twelve years and studied other forms of dance, movement and exercise. She had to restore her own body to health when, after an eleven-year backpacking odyssey around the world, the rigours of travel, combined with a congenital back defect, led to physical collapse.

On her return to the U.S. she experimented with various exercise techniques, using her early ballet training to develop the program which finally solved her physical problems. Callan taught her revolutionary exercise program from her New York apartment and had many famous and distinguished clients worldwide, all of whom testify that Callanetics is a unique, safe exercise system for transforming bodyshape.