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A special intensive Callanetics routine aimed at men, but suitable for women too. The team have chosen to wear lightweight training shoes. These are not necessary for the exercises. If you choose to wear shoes, be cautious of the extra weight added to your limbs. The extra weight may be uncomfortable for some people.

Lacey has been teaching Callanetics in Vancouver, Canada for the past 8 years. Her journey in fitness started in her teens. At the age of only 16 she became a BCRPA personal trainer and began working as a co-instructor for various fitness classes at the YMCA in Victoria. “I wanted something different and more progressive than everyone else. I was back at my parent’s house in Victoria talking to my mom, when she suggested an exercise that she used to do in the 80’s. She went into the basement and came back with a black and white paperback book: “Callanetics - 10 Years Younger in 10 Hours”. I started right there in the kitchen and within 5 minutes, I knew I had found my new passion.”