25-Minute Maintenance with Callan Pinckney

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The 25-Minute Maintenance Plan with Callan Pinckney. 

Callan says:
This is my answer to the time problems facing today's busy person. I first designed it for my students who travel and don't have time for one-hour workouts. Once students have completed a program of classes and have their bodies looking the way they want them to, they often adopt this as a daily routine. 

Do not expect to discontinue the One-Hour Program in favor of this 25-Minute Maintenance Plan until you completely understand the movements and want to maintain your fitness level. This is not a program for beginners. I cannot stress this warning enough. 

The 25-Minute Maintenance Plan is an abbreviated version of the One-Hour Program. It is the basics, timed to take twenty-five minutes from start to finish. 

Should you want to concentrate on a specific part of the body that is not emphasized in this short session, feel free. Add whatever exercises from the One-Hour Program that you feel you should, but also add to your schedule the amount of time that you will need to do them. Do not eliminate any exercise simply to allow yourself time to do another exercise within the twenty five-minute time period.

This program is balanced to work on the parts of the body that generally need the most work. To omit one exercise in favor of something else, or something you find easier or more comfortable to do, would upset this balance. You won't get the rapid results you desire. 

Callan Pinckney, creator of CALLANETICSĀ®, was raised in Savannah, Georgia. She trained in classical ballet for twelve years and studied other forms of dance, movement and exercise. She had to restore her own body to health when, after an eleven-year backpacking odyssey around the world, the rigours of travel, combined with a congenital back defect, led to physical collapse. On her return to the U.S. she experimented with various exercise techniques, using her early ballet training to develop the program which finally solved her physical problems. Callan taught her revolutionary exercise program from her New York apartment and had many famous and distinguished clients worldwide, all of whom testify that Callanetics is a unique, safe exercise system for transforming bodyshape.