10 Years Younger In 10 Hours (Shortened Version)

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I'm so happy this is shortened! I'm use to having to FFW through the dvd. This is perfect!

Benjamin Davis

Best exercise video in the world! I'll never stop doing it.

Callan Pinckney, creator of CALLANETICSĀ®, was raised in Savannah, Georgia. She trained in classical ballet for twelve years and studied other forms of dance, movement and exercise. She had to restore her own body to health when, after an eleven-year backpacking odyssey around the world, the rigours of travel, combined with a congenital back defect, led to physical collapse. On her return to the U.S. she experimented with various exercise techniques, using her early ballet training to develop the program which finally solved her physical problems. Callan taught her revolutionary exercise program from her New York apartment and had many famous and distinguished clients worldwide, all of whom testify that Callanetics is a unique, safe exercise system for transforming bodyshape.